Drive Like a Tortoise

Road Tripping in Mojave National Preserve by Superintendent Mike Gauthier and Deputy Superintendent Debra Hughson Roads in Mojave National Preserve provide convenient routes between Palm Springs, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as between Interstates 40 and 15. They travel through some breathtaking landscapes which are popular for many travelers. The Preserve provides a … Continue reading Drive Like a Tortoise


Permanently Protecting an ‘Island in the Sky’

Conglomerate Mesa Is Still in Dispute by Kayla Browne, Conglomerate Mesa Coalition Campaign Manager Over the last year, the Conglomerate Mesa Coalition1 has been hard at work protecting the Mesa. In the lull between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decision requiring an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for K2 Gold's expanded exploration project and the … Continue reading Permanently Protecting an ‘Island in the Sky’


The Anthropocene

A Changed Planet by Jan Zalasiewicz, Martin J. Head, Colin N. Waters, Simon Turner, Mark Williams, John R. McNeill, Jaia Syvitski, Anthony Barnosky, Naomi Oreskes, and Peter Haff Anthropocene: when atmospheric chemist and Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen spontaneously coined the term during a meeting of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme at Cuernavaca, Mexico in 2000, a … Continue reading The Anthropocene

Bright Srar & Kiavah Wilderness Areas

Bright Star & Kiavah Wilderness Areas

Are Cattle Grazing Leases Appropriate? by Jeff Aardahl, Senior California Representative, Defenders of Wildlife In September 2022, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) published an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a proposal1 to issue new 10-year cattle grazing leases which include portions of the Bright Star and Kiavah Wilderness Areas. Managed respectively by the Ridgecrest and … Continue reading Bright Star & Kiavah Wilderness Areas