A Living Reflection of the Past, A Monument for the Future by Rick Spilsbury, Ely Shoshone Tribal Elder I am a direct descendant of a Newe survivor who witnessed a genocidal-like massacres at Bahsahwahbee1 - and its aftermath. What became a killing field was once our temple. Rick Spilsbury, an Ely Shoshone tribal elder, who … Continue reading Bahsahwahbee

Does Solar in the Desert Add Up?

The Desert's Natural Carbon Capacity vs Emission Savings from PV Solar Fields by Robin Kobaly, Executive Director,The SummerTree Institute In spite of its rapidly rising popularity, the California desert as an ecosystem remains poorly understood, underfunded, and misperceived. One of the most persistent mischaracterizations is that the California desert is a barren wasteland with low … Continue reading Does Solar in the Desert Add Up?

Drive Like a Tortoise

Road Tripping in Mojave National Preserve by Superintendent Mike Gauthier and Deputy Superintendent Debra Hughson Roads in Mojave National Preserve provide convenient routes between Palm Springs, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as between Interstates 40 and 15. They travel through some breathtaking landscapes which are popular for many travelers. The Preserve provides a … Continue reading Drive Like a Tortoise


Permanently Protecting an ‘Island in the Sky’

Conglomerate Mesa Is Still in Dispute by Kayla Browne, Conglomerate Mesa Coalition Campaign Manager Over the last year, the Conglomerate Mesa Coalition1 has been hard at work protecting the Mesa. In the lull between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decision requiring an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for K2 Gold's expanded exploration project and the … Continue reading Permanently Protecting an ‘Island in the Sky’