Scraped Earth and Desert Winds

A Disregarded Consequence of Solar Photovoltaic Construction by Pat Flanagan Several other articles in this issue have described the damage done when undisturbed desert lands are utilized for energy generation at large scale photovoltaic installations. Damage to the biotic community when the surface is scraped clean is obvious. A less obvious consequence is the release … Continue reading Scraped Earth and Desert Winds

The Utility “Cost Shift” Fallacy:

The accounting methods behind the utilities' claims about rooftop solar by Dave Rosenfeld The continued growth of rooftop solar and battery storage is key to a successful clean energy transition, one that puts the needs of the public at the center, with lower costs, protection from blackouts, and quicker pollution reductions. Because remote, industrial scale … Continue reading The Utility “Cost Shift” Fallacy:

Transmission-independent Renewable Energy:

Parking Lot Shade Structures, Commercial and Industrial Rooftops by Bill Powers State planners assume California will reach its ambitious decarbonization targets by developing remote, utility-scale solar and wind farms dependent on new transmission lines to reach urban centers. It is a largely unquestioned article of faith that the cheapest solar and wind power is generated … Continue reading Transmission-independent Renewable Energy:

Distributed Energy Resources in Urban Load Centers

Benefitting Local Users and Protecting Remote Deserts by Jay Powell California renewable energy expansion is the primary driver behind new renewable energy project development in the West. A primary benefit of prioritizing a Distributed Energy Resource (DER)1 future in California, is its potential to minimize remote renewable energy generation and transmission, and thereby alleviate or … Continue reading Distributed Energy Resources in Urban Load Centers

The Electrical Industrial Complex

California Regulators' Scheme to Kill Rooftop Solar Supports Utility Profiteering by Loretta Lynch I headed the California Public Utilities Commission 20 years ago, at the dawn of California's rooftop solar revolution. We opened the doors for families and businesses to go solar to grow the amount of clean, local-solar electricity produced in California. We knew … Continue reading The Electrical Industrial Complex

Solar Power and Environmental Justice

Making clean energy healthy and safe will keep the planet's future bright by Dustin Mulvaney Environmental justice is the principle that no one should be overburdened by pollution. Solar power offers opportunities for cleaner air around highways, fossil fuel refineries, and power plants where for many decades communities that live near these polluting roads and … Continue reading Solar Power and Environmental Justice

Electricity Storage for our Carbon-free Future:

Essential And Achievable by Tyson Siegele California's grid of the future will run on 100% carbon-free energy by leveraging energy storage and spare renewable generating capacity. To accomplish this, will we need expensive and environmentally questionable solutions? Or will emerging technologies and the family vehicle create a greener future than even optimists foresee? To explore … Continue reading Electricity Storage for our Carbon-free Future: