Ice Age Fossils in the Nevada Desert

Threatened by Large-Scale Renewable Energy Projects by Laura Cunningham, Basin & Range Watch Clark County, Nevada - Two proposed large-scale energy projects could significantly damage Ice Age fossils on public lands in southern Nevada. Both the Greenlink West Transmission Project and Golden Currant Solar Project would be built on significant Pleistocene fossil beds representing a … Continue reading Ice Age Fossils in the Nevada Desert

The Lithium Industry in Imperial County

The Importance of Health Impact Assessments by Candice Youngblood In October 2022, Comite Civico Del Valle held its 11th Environmental Health Leadership Summit at Imperial Valley College - the first in three years since the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 300 government leaders, academics, advocates, and supporters came together to discuss questions on equity in minerals extraction, … Continue reading The Lithium Industry in Imperial County

Protection for Joshua Trees

Nothing is Simple by Cameron Mayer Endangered species conservation remains controversial in the realm of environmental management. The case of the western Joshua tree in California's Morongo Basin provides an example. This issue has been framed as a winner-take-all scenario wherein conservation interests or development proponents garner either complete victory or defeat in pursuit of … Continue reading Protection for Joshua Trees