When the Twain Meet by Drs. Tim Krantz and Shellie Zias-Roe The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), signed into law by President Nixon on January 1, 1970, provides the framework for environmental decision making on federal lands to this day. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), signed into law by then Governor Ronald Reagan on … Continue reading NEPA and CEQA

Envisioning Community Benefits Agreements

An Opportunity for California's Lithium Valley by Theo Figurasin, Senior Researcher, Jobs to Move America Introduction and Background On January 26th, 2024, hundreds gathered on the outskirts of Niland, near the southeastern shores of the Salton Sea, to witness the inception of Lithium Valley. After more than a decade of anticipation, Australian-based company, Controlled Thermal … Continue reading Envisioning Community Benefits Agreements


A Living Reflection of the Past, A Monument for the Future by Rick Spilsbury, Ely Shoshone Tribal Elder I am a direct descendant of a Newe survivor who witnessed a genocidal-like massacres at Bahsahwahbee1 - and its aftermath. What became a killing field was once our temple. Rick Spilsbury, an Ely Shoshone tribal elder, who … Continue reading Bahsahwahbee

Does Solar in the Desert Add Up?

The Desert's Natural Carbon Capacity vs Emission Savings from PV Solar Fields by Robin Kobaly, Executive Director,The SummerTree Institute In spite of its rapidly rising popularity, the California desert as an ecosystem remains poorly understood, underfunded, and misperceived. One of the most persistent mischaracterizations is that the California desert is a barren wasteland with low … Continue reading Does Solar in the Desert Add Up?