Thacker Pass, Nevada THE RECENTLY APPROVED (2/20/2020) Sierra Club policy “Mining and Mining Law Reform Policy (including minerals for Clean Energy)” states in its opening sentences: Mining by its very nature is a dirty business and highly disruptive of the nat­ural and human environment. It involves disturbing the terrestrial and/or marine environment with short term … Continue reading GREEN ENERGY MEETS MINING BY DAVID VON SEGGERN

March 2021

A Third Special Issue: A Voice For Our Public Lands• From The Editor• Park Visitation, It’s a Tough Issue• A Challenging Example of Public Land Planning: Carrizo Plain National Monument• Protecting Public Lands: Can Conventional Planning Work?• Skill and Spirit: Teaching Field Geology On Public Lands Other articles• Clean Energy On Public Lands: Another Wave Is Here• Mojave Ranch Is Attracting Rare Species• Updates … Continue reading March 2021

America’s Federal Lands:

            The Significance of Administrative Rulemaking by David Rutherford, Associate Professor, University of Mississippi The plan is to get rid of public lands altogether, turning them over to the states, which can be coerced as the federal government cannot be, and eventually to private ownership. . . Nothing in history suggests that the states are … Continue reading America’s Federal Lands:

December 2020

A Second Special Issue: A Voice For Our Public Lands• An Interview With Terry Tempest Williams• America’s Federal Lands: The Significance of Administrative Rulemaking• Increased Visitation to Public Lands Other articles• The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program• More Popular Than Ever: Increased Visitation At CA Desert Nat’l Parks• There Are Better Alternatives: Massive Solar Next To Gold Butte NM• Conglomerate Mesa In … Continue reading December 2020

September 2020

Special Issue: A Voice For Our Public Lands • From the Editors: Past, Present, and Future of America’s Public Lands• National Parks: Past Progress, New Challenges• An Indigenous Perspective• An Evolving Idea: Perils and Promise of the Federal Landscape• Muddy River: Unsustainable Groundwater Extraction in Southern NV• A Border Wall in the Jacumba Wilderness Area• BLM’s Proposals for the Great Basin Sagebrush … Continue reading September 2020