Species on the Edge of Extinction

Conservation of Aquatic Biodiversity in the Great Basin by Patrick Donnelly The Great Basin is among the driest regions in North America, and yet is blessed with abundant springs which punctuate the landscape's corrugated basin-and-range topography. In particular, the Great Basin has the densest concentration of thermal spring features anywhere on the continent, a vitally … Continue reading Species on the Edge of Extinction

March 2022

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 Remembering Bennie Troxel and Lauren Wright • Desert Home: A Photographer's Journey • Desert Updates • Botanical Riches of Conglomerate Mesa … Continue reading March 2022

The Steady State Economy

The Steady State Economy

Real Conservation by Brian Czech Birgitta Jansen's "Greening Of America" (September's Desert Report) was incredibly insightful and aptly alarming. And, as she described the environmental challenges of industrial solar developments, wind turbines, and deep-sea mining, we could see the economy sprawling between the lines. My job is to take the baton from between the lines … Continue reading The Steady State Economy