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Judge Vacates Approval of Cadiz’s California Desert Water Grab

Pipeline Skipped Environmental Review, Would Drain Mojave of Precious Water

LOS ANGELES— A federal judge has vacated a U.S. Bureau of Land Management decision that would have allowed Cadiz Inc. to repurpose a mothballed oil-and-gas pipeline to drain a large aquifer in the Mojave Desert.

Tuesday’s order from U.S. District Judge George H. Wu responds to a BLM motion seeking to vacate and remand the agency’s December 2020 approval of the pipeline, issued in the Trump administration’s final days.

Posted 9-17-22

Update on the Mojave Trails National Monument

The original vision for Mojave Trails National Monument may yet come to fruition. A core group led by the Wildlands Conservancy and Sierra Club is preparing and vetting a proposal to complete Mojave Trails as originally proposed. Discussions with the Chemuevi Tribe are positive and ongoing. Frazier Haney of Wildlands, plus Vicky Hoover assisted by Moises Cisneros of the Club are leading the way. More later!

Meanwhile, after years of inaction under the Trump administration, the Bureau of Land Management's effort to prepare a management plan for the six-year-old Mojave Trails National Monument is back on track. This spring BLM hosted pre-planning educational zooms, to receive suggestions about important topics for the plan, and now asserts that writing the management plan will begin in earnest before the end of the year.

Future Planning for the Mojave Trails Monument:

A Community Alternative has been written to guide management strategies for the Mojave Trails National Monument. This document advocates not only to preserve the natural resources of the Monument but also to give voice to local constituencies, cities, underserved communities, and Native American Tribes. This effort was backed by major environmental organizations and brought to fruition primarily through the efforts of Frazier Haney, then of Conservation Lands Foundation, and Linda Castro of CalWild. Involved participants continue to advocate that the Community Alternative be analyzed and adopted as the foundation for managing the Monument.
The full Community Alternative may be accessed here:

The government website for the Mojave Trails Monument should provide future notices and dates and can be accessed at: