Various Updates

Summer Meeting of the Desert Committee

Unless unexpected circumstances intervene, the next Desert Committee meeting will be in-person, on August 5-6 in the White Mountains. As the date gets closer, details concerning camping, other accommodations, and the agenda will be announced on the Desert Forum, here on the website, and by email to those who have signed in for meetings in the past. If COVID is deemed to become a hazard, the in-person meeting will be canceled and a virtual zoom meeting will be held instead.

Wildfire Hotshot Videos

The article "Wildland Fires in the Anthropocene" described the personal experience of a California firefighter during the present era of climate change. The videos listed below were produced by the U.S. Forest Service, and provide a visual dimension to what John Kiess described in words.

For the Human side of firefighting and getting to know what these troops on the ground do:

For the more scientific approach to explaining wildfire: